Knitting technique: Magic Loop

My favourite knitting technique is Magic Loop! If you have anything at all against DPNs (double pointed needles), I recommend trying it. Ladders between the needles? Needles sliding out? History. Yet the best part is that with one circular needle each size, I can knit almost anything. I’m no supplies minimalist I’m afraid, but at least I don’t have to haul 2 kg of needles with me on travels to make sure I’m covered.

—> Magic Loop videos

I demonstrated Magic Loop to my mother-in-law last fall, and she was intrigued. Her circular needles are all rather short and with stiff cables so I got her a 40-inch Signature Needle Arts circular for christmas.

She had the technique down in no time at all, and next time I saw her she had finished a pair of mittens and told me she was a bit sad that she didn’t have suitable needles in more sizes. I’m very impressed, actually. I’m not sure , if I were her age, that I’d take so easily to a new technique, or even want to try..! It will be my goal to be as open-minded as her.

Next post: Needle recommendations for Magic Loop.


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