Childbirth a-la-carte

I have a friend who is familiar with the services provided to pregnant women in Norway and in the U.S. She’s compared the two and I think she says some pretty interesting things:

Most of the care [in the U.S.] is very good, and very very thorough. I miss having a midwife though, like I did in Norway. But one thing that was weird was when I went in for my very first checkup. I was asked a bunch of family history questions, which is normal, but then I was asked what I wanted for my birth. Like an a-la-carte menu of things such as, “Would you like a c-section or vaginal birth, Would you like an epidural, would you like blah blah blah”. It’s for insurance billing, of course, but the fact that you can just order a c-section or other procedures just like that? Crazy!

Then I ran into this lady at Ikea who just had a baby and wanted to chit chat, as Americans do. She told me she had her doctor induce all her kids at 38 weeks because she was tired of being pregnant. No medical reason whatsoever. WTF?! That’s an option? That is so wrong on so many levels! They do so many procedures here just for convenience, rather than what is good for the baby.