A whole new person

My blog must be very popular because I got a request today for a new post 😀

Since my last post, summer has passed. We’ve moved into our new place and I’ve given birth to a little boy and I feel ridiculously happy.

I haven’t really been bored yet, in spite of the fact that H is extremely well-behaved – he hardly ever cries for more than a minute and he only eats once during the night. I can’t believe our luck. Somebody said bigger babies are generally more calm.

H looks funny these days – he has the same hairdo as his dad’s dad, that is, a lot of hair around the back part of his head and not so much on the top. His favourite activities include banging away at his baby gym danglers, and talking:


Exciting things happening tomorrow. I signed up for a pilates class, “barsel med baby”. Never done pilates before.