It’s a baby!

Last week we did the ultrasound. It wasn’t as weird as expected to see the baby. I was a bit nervous that something would be wrong, but everything looked normal. We got a series of pictures that look quite nice. You can actually tell what some of the shapes are – a head, a spine, a hand. During the ultrasound, I was thinking, “she’s probably seen by now whether it’s a boy or a girl. I’ll ask afterwards.” Big mistake 😉 She hadn’t looked for it so she didn’t know. Actually, at first she said she couldn’t remember. I guess she goes through a lot of babies in one day, and this was late at night. I figured it isn’t such a big deal, and R wasn’t all that disappointed himself (only a little). I expected I’d be thinking a lot about it, but it seems like it’s passing already.

The due date was moved to July 4.

Apart from that, the baby is moving about quite a bit. I’ve almost gotten used to it 🙂 Still not easy to feel any action from the outside, though.

R and I did a little bit of shopping today. We got two bodies, two pants and two PJ’s (one with dinos on it!). Just for the sake of it, you know? I decided it’s OK to shop after the ultrasound and I wanted both of us to do it the first time.


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