Big dog.

This morning there was a big mean guy on the bus, with a big mean dog. The dog was almost as big as a great dane, and looked very sturdy and really nice, not counting the drool stuck on its snout. There were some other people who were petting it and the guy warned them about the drool. I was sitting close and asked him what kind of dog it was; a corso, he said, an italian mastiff. I read about it and it’s a descendant of a Roman war dog. I’m really a cat person but I do have a liking for big, graceful dogs like this one.



Last wednesday was my dad’s 60th birthday! We celebrated it on saturday; R and I went to see them as well as the Bekkeveien crowd. During the day, we went to a cabin that’s a few miles north, where we did a natursti, played some games, drank wine and beer and and ate a reindeer casserole outside. In the evening, we had a spectacular meal of cold meat, shellfish and more. And cake with firecrackly-fizzy things on it, and of course champagne! 😮 😀

Dad was going through some kind of 60-year crisis earlier but now he seems more at ease with the situation. I guess it might actually take some getting used to! 🙂

It’s a baby!

Last week we did the ultrasound. It wasn’t as weird as expected to see the baby. I was a bit nervous that something would be wrong, but everything looked normal. We got a series of pictures that look quite nice. You can actually tell what some of the shapes are – a head, a spine, a hand. During the ultrasound, I was thinking, “she’s probably seen by now whether it’s a boy or a girl. I’ll ask afterwards.” Big mistake 😉 She hadn’t looked for it so she didn’t know. Actually, at first she said she couldn’t remember. I guess she goes through a lot of babies in one day, and this was late at night. I figured it isn’t such a big deal, and R wasn’t all that disappointed himself (only a little). I expected I’d be thinking a lot about it, but it seems like it’s passing already.

The due date was moved to July 4.

Apart from that, the baby is moving about quite a bit. I’ve almost gotten used to it 🙂 Still not easy to feel any action from the outside, though.

R and I did a little bit of shopping today. We got two bodies, two pants and two PJ’s (one with dinos on it!). Just for the sake of it, you know? I decided it’s OK to shop after the ultrasound and I wanted both of us to do it the first time.