General update

Lots of things going on these days. I don’t work such long hours any more but even so my days are filled to the brim.

There’s yoga once a week at Yoga for Alle in Majorstua, which is about the only exercise I get, besides the occasional going skating and falling on my butt. I’m considering developing The Fastest Exercise In The World, where the concept is basically falling. It’s fascinating how the body works to minimize the impact: My muscles were sore for 3 days.

I’m redecorating my kitchen, too, and Maxbo (a DIY-store) has become my third home. It’s just a touch-up but it’s a lot of work just convincing myself not to take it too far. Hopefully I’ll have a Real Home in a month or so. Going away too many weekends. I did have a lot of fun tearing down the ventilator and replacing the tube that leads out. There was nothing to attach the new tube to, strange how the previous one hadn’t fallen down. Anyway, there are all these little things that require some thinking for a novice like myself.


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