Marianne S and I have bought tickets for The Da Vinci Code next weekend. Good stuff. I think Audrey Tautou will be perfect in her role.

I’m not crazy about shopping. Except for book shopping. I’m reading 3 books right now. That’s a very stupid thing to do because I can’t keep track of all the stories that way. Authors can be quite demanding. I think there should be a rule, like never to introduce more than one new character per chapter, and never to more than 3 stories in parallell.

Real action this morning. Some desperado was waving a gun in Tøyen and there were policemen posted at every intersection along ring 2 all the way to Ullevaal sykehus when I was cycling to work. Apparently they captured him a little later. So we can all sleep tonight safe in the knowledge that there’s no crazy people around 😉


The weather is fantastic! Marianne K was over this weekend and we spent 2 warm & sunny days together in Oslo. We saw Sven Nordin’s show “Hulemannen” (The Cave Man), quite entertaining but most of all logical. Really. He went out of his way to explain why men are scumbags, and why women are idiots and I was like, yeah, that’s true. I think it was meant to be funny.